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I am a birth and postpartum doula based in New York City (DTI and Carriage House Birth trained). I believe in support and collaboration while you discover ways to trust your body and your mind. I am here to help you make informed choices when developing birth preferences and choices which best suit you and your partner. I am trained to build alliances and have meaningful conversations with your birth team while simultaneously meeting you and your partner’s needs.

I am a perinatal mood disorder (PMAD) early screening advocate and have a special interest in supporting people who have experienced past trauma or loss and people who have a history of anxiety or depression. Early intervention promotes stronger connections for new families. I also believe people who have given birth should not require critical care to be well-cared for.  

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I live in Brooklyn with my husband and our three children. I am currently pursuing a Masters in Social Work at Fordham University, focusing on both perinatal mental health and family leave policy development. I volunteer for Postpartum Support International as a helpline operator and serve as the NYC Team Lead for Together & Free; a coalition of volunteers supporting immigrant families separated at the US border.

In my spare time I sing with The Jalopy Chorus, the resident choir of The Jalopy Theater, School of Music and Tavern. We perform an eclectic mix of music from Balkan to heritage American in Red Hook, Brooklyn (and I love incorporating music into my postpartum visits...lullabies are my specialty!).

I also love getting to know new families and I look forward to meeting you! Email me at jessica at momtownnyc.com.

MomTown? Feels kind of exclusive...aren’t there all kinds of people that need birth and postpartum care?

Why yes, there are :)...and I am here to support every person that feels aligned to my offerings. 


MomTown is for moms. MomTown is for dads 👨🏾‍💼. MomTown is for people who are curious about being parents🤰🏼. MomTown is for non-binary parents who don't go by mom or dad 🙆🏽‍♂️. MomTown is for gender fluid parents who go by both mom and/or dad (and every other name they choose to be called). MomTown is for people who identify as unicorns🦄. MomTown is for people who believe the moon landing was a US government conspiracy 🌖 (though I'll probably argue with you about that). Basically, MomTown is for everyone.

So what is MomTown, then? It's me🙋🏻‍♀️...I'm MomTown. And I am here for you. I want to take care of you as you plan for your baby’s arrival, to educate you on what birth can be, be with you while you are having your baby, and be there for you when you bring your baby home (and for lots of time beyond). I'm also very invested in your mental well-being along the way💆🏿‍♀️. Because I know taking the time to have your needs met gives you strength to take care of your family.

MomTown (the name) was an effort to bring some levity to a very tender and challenging personal postpartum time, and was given to me by my friend and mentor and doula, London King. It is a mythical utopia for parents where everything is great and amazing and peaceful and quiet and you get a crown made of rose quartz 👸🏻for simply showing up. Saying "I'm going to MomTown" was a way for my husband and me to escape, even momentarily, the frustrations of our current situation. It became our mantra when things weren’t quite going as planned - it allowed us a moment to pause before coming back to the present. Things aren't going well? Head on over to MomTown. Didn't sleep 😴 all night? Come down to MomTown! Nipples cracked⚡️? Got carpal tunnel from nursing ✍🏽? Feeling totally defeated🙍🏼‍♂️? You got it, MomTown. 

MomTown is the name for a “place where you can go nuts, laugh, cry, hide, giggle, release, rage and contemplate” and authentically experience the various new parent identity shifts and feelings. It is the place where you are seen and known as an individual without judgement and with open arms. In difficult parenting moments, my husband and I would turn to each other and simply say, “MomTown”.  It’s a reminder that each challenge is temporary and that it will get better...and might even be great.



  • Baby-wearing

  • Lactation and Infant Feeding

  • New Born Care

  • Multiples Care

  • American Red Cross Adult/Infant CPR

  • Herbal Support

  • Meal Prep and Planning

  • Loss Support

  • Birth Story Listening