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Each labor and birth experience is unique, dynamic and ever-changing. It is my job to be sure you are prepared for any and all possibilities. I am also here to be sure your partner feels relaxed and prepared with the tools to support you while you bring your baby earth-side. When in labor, maintaining a strong dyad between partners is my priority.

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So how do I work?

  • An initial consultation, in person preferably. (However, we can do Skype or FaceTime, if that's more convenient). This is where we get to know each other, see if we are a good fit and talk about your preferences (30 min. - 1 hr.).
  • After contract signing, we schedule two prenatal visits (1 hr. each). Meeting one is scheduled around 33 weeks: we discuss the stages of labor, your mental and physical health and we create a birth preference list. Meeting two is scheduled around 37 weeks: we will explore support techniques, hands-on comfort practices, preparing to bring your baby home and more. 
  • I'm available by phone, email or text to answer any of your questions.
  • I am on call for you from week 37 until the birth of your baby.
  • When you are ready for me, I will meet you at your home or your birthing facility and help you labor. I will be with you and your partner through your birth to provide encouragement and support. I can even take pictures, if you'd like.
  • I will stay with you for up to two hours after your birth to encourage skin to skin and assist in first latch, if it is your intention to nurse. 
  • Within your first week home, I will schedule a postpartum visit (1 hr.). We can process your birth together, check in about feeding, discuss your well-being and make a plan to address self-care in the postpartum period.
  • This is the part of my practice I feel very proud of. I also include 2-3 postpartum visits (as needed) where we work together to be sure you are feeling confident and cared for; as a couple, as a parent and someone requiring care after the delivery of their baby. Learn more about what these visits may look like here.
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