Frida & Alex

My husband and I were on the fence about getting a doula for our birth experience because we didn’t know too much about the process. We probably veer towards the side of western medicine more so than holistic approaches, but we decided to pursue Jessica as our doula because she emphasized a collaborative, symbiotic relationship between our role as partners, her role as the doula and our medical providers. This approach made us feel comfortable as she helped answer questions that our medical providers gave us limited information on. She took the time to dive into topics that we felt were actually getting ignored by our medical community. This was immensely helpful and completely changed our whole experience, particularly when events during the birth went in a different direction. During the birth, Jessica was available immediately and was thoughtful, patient, kind and attentive during an 18-hour process! She is incredibly professional, insightful, intuitive and as a mom of three, has personal experience to help navigate any birthing experience or preferences that her clients seek. She’s truly a gem of a professional and person. I’d highly recommend her services to anyone and will do so to my close friends and family!

Sometimes I write things about being a doula, perinatal mood disorders and parenting! (feel free to read below)


Kay & Christina

After much debate between my wife and I, we ultimately decided on utilizing the help of a doula.  As a partner, I felt it would interfere with our birthing experience but after many sleepless nights due to anxiety stemming from this new life change and the unknown, I agreed to simply speak to a doula walks Jessica. From the initial interaction we had with Jessica, we felt immediate relief. My wife gained an outside party to grant her reassurance and provide her insight about the upcoming journey she was about to endure and I finally had someone I could confide all my birthing fears to without making my ready-to-pop wife uneasy. We found Jessica to be extremely relatable, compassionate, knowledgeable and patient. She was always available and had an inestimable ability to gauge our energy and tensions and knew whether we were in need of additional information, a good pep talk, or a healthy dose of her quick-wit and appreciated humor. We would undoubtedly recommend Jessica to any family and friends who are in need of a doula on their birthing journey as, in hindsight, we can't imagine this experience without her.

Courtney & Alex

Jessica provided ongoing support, answering all of our questions and helping us understand what choices we had going into our birth. Jessica was extremely helpful in the week leading up to the birth - since the baby was born after the projected due date, and we had a repeat c-section scheduled, it was a really challenging time. Jessica was available and calming and supportive. Jessica was also incredible support to my partner.

Katie & Matt

I would not be breastfeeding my 10 week-old, today, with out Jessica's help. From prenatal to postpartum, Jessica has been an incredible source of support, comfort and information. My husband and I, being first time parents and with minimal support nearby, felt a little lost and unsure about what the early days of parenthood would look like. While Jessica was incredible during labor and delivery, as a support to me and my husband, it was the postpartum period that we had her by our side as the support that we didn't know that we would need. Having her reach out to us, or just being available to answer questions from latching to our baby's first bath, gave us peace of mind in the first few weeks when you're trying to find solid ground.

During delivery, she had an abundance of tools to use and was very intuitive to what was working for me. She was a great communicator with my husband, helping coach him as a great support for me. I was able to have an unmedicated birth, but felt I was able to do that without the pressure to have a "natural birth". Jessica helped explain what different options would look like and never pushed me one way or another, but let me listen to what my own body and the baby needed.

Postpartum, I cannot imagine what it would have looked like without her support, even when it was just through text messages late at night. She genuinely has concern for her families and her babies, that is very much still felt.  Jessica was really helpful during the first difficult weeks of breastfeeding, constantly checking in and troubleshooting issues as they arose. I had to take a break and supplement with formula for a brief period of time, but I felt supported throughout the process and she helped me try breastfeeding again, when I was ready, and we are now solely breastfeeding. I feel very comfortable asking her questions about the very personal parts of healing that take place after birth, from care of stitches to baby blues and knew that she was listening to not just the surface questions, but paying attention to underlying issues, as well.